My bachelor degree in Architecture is from the Konya Selcuk University (2008). An architect with over seven years of experience in the design and construction of a broad range of project types including residential, multi-Residential, retail, restaurant, hotel, office, educational and institutional projects, structural and building assessment; and interior design. Being also proficient as a project manager, I am capable of organising and controlling multi-disciplinary professional teams for project development.
          My knowledge and experience in AutoCad, 3ds Max, Archicad, SketchUp, Photoshop and Illustrator allows me to perform 3D modelling, as well as create photorealistic renders and photo edition animed to the production of multimedia presentations. Architecture is a part of my soul and is my passion. I feel that Architecture is not just something for us to spend some time in; but rather Architecture is something that can change how we feel, act, think, and love. As an Architect, I feel that I have the chance to open people’s eyes to something that could express and have meaning and at times could even change ones way of life.
          My goal is to focus on creating modern architecture that demonstrates craftsmanship, quality and designs that work for the client.